Freya & Josh - A Beautiful Lincolnshire Wedding

Last weekend we travelled down to Lincolnshire to film the beautiful wedding of Freya and Josh; the loveliest couple you could ever meet.

We started the day with Freya at her parent’s home: a stunning house complete with an old mill in the garden. Being able to film the bride as she prepares for the wedding is always a privilege. It’s such a personal time: getting ready for the biggest day of your life whilst surrounded by your friends and family. So to be able to witness and capture on film all the smiles, laughter, and maybe a few tears, is always a special moment. Being with Freya that morning was no exception; I felt more like part of the wedding party than her wedding videographer.

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The ceremony took place a short drive away in the local village church, which was filled with beautiful flowers. As Freya and Josh were exiting the church, a sabre arch was formed for them to walk under, as a way to salute the newly married couple. This wedding tradition is reserved for military service members (originating in the Royal Navy), and is something we have never filmed before! As Freya and Josh walked towards the last two sabre bearers, the sabres were dropped and the couple had to share a kiss before they were allowed through. It was a really lovely moment to film.

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After the ceremony had finished, we walked to a local school where we filmed some more intimate sequences with the bride and groom. Freya actually attended this school when she was younger, and it provided a stunning backdrop for the footage; perfect for our cinematic wedding video style. We were able to get lots of panning shots here, using movement to make it more emotive. I love using our 3-axis gimbal stabiliser for these shots, it really brings the story to life! Filming here was one of my favourite parts of the day.

The reception took place in a marquee back at Freya’s parent’s home. I couldn’t believe how many flowers were in their garden, it was like stepping into a National Trust property! Some of the flowers and shrubs had been grown especially for the wedding day, marking the route to the marquee. The level of planning and detail continually astounded me.

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Everything about the day felt really personal to Freya and Josh. The locations took in places significant to Freya’s life: her old school, and parent’s house. The military honour of a sabre arch reflected Josh’s role in the armed forces. The wedding cake (which was phenomenal) was made by Freya’s mum. Even their first dance was made extra special. No small slow-dances here, they had a full on routine!

It was an absolute honour to film Freya and Josh’s beautiful wedding, and we wish them both a lifetime of happiness and love.