Frances McMahon Wedding Videographer York

About Us


“I’ve always been passionate about creating cinematic video content, ever since I could hold a camera. After six years working commercially with some of the biggest brands in the UK, I decided to leave my day job at a film production company to pursue my dreams of running my own video production business. 

Whilst watching my favourite YouTubers online, I stumbled across their wedding videos, and I was instantly hooked. I spent days - weeks - watching American videographers and absorbing myself in weddings. I had never felt so inspired, and I thought “I have to try this!” 

I fell in love with filming couple’s love stories and bringing them to life in a cinematic style of wedding film.  I knew then that this was absolutely what I wanted to do, and Imogen & James was born.

When it comes to wedding planning, I know how you feel.
From planning my own wedding I know how utterly overwhelming it can be, especially when trying to find the right supplier who fits with you. 

That’s why it’s always been so important to me that my couples know their wedding film is in safe hands, and they have absolute confidence in our ability to capture a genuine, beautiful story of their day - so that you can sit back and enjoy every moment as it happens. 

We also believe in being unobtrusive; it is the biggest reason why we are able to capture shots that are un-staged and authentic. It’s why we are able to include those rare moments of magic from even the most camera-shy guests, and it’s why we know that for our part, your day will truly feel effortless. 

One thing that is also true, is that even the most perfect day won’t last forever, and whilst it will take a long time in planning, your wedding will go by in a flash! My favourite thing about videography has always been the way I can freeze a moment in time, to look back on in years to come. 

There really is no better way to remember your special day than by having your wedding day on film forever.”

Frances McMahon, Director and Lead Videographer