The Future Direction Of Blogging?

I still remember the day I set up a blogger account five years ago - it started with a few words on why I put together my outfit. I had spent a good four hours shooting a look (having battled with using my uncle's DSLR - which I had no idea how to use on manual) which was all kindly shot by my mum, in about 3 degrees celsius... Those were the days when blogging seemed so unusual. Now,  however, blogging has taken off in the direction of full blown editorial content, with big brands now making this part of their marketing strategies. But has blogging gone too editorial? Or should we embrace the need for brands to use the  'girl next door' to promote their products? 

Photography by Amber-Rose Smith

The question can sometimes be - aspirational or unattainable? With blogging becoming careers for so many young people now, naturally it has become a business in its own right. I definitely feel the blogging industry is much harder to get into today,  as there is so much more competition. But I have found that with a shift in going more editorial, jumping on this trend can definitely help grow your blog. I think that the more professional you can make your imagery, the more people will enjoy reading your blog. 

I find it incredible that people can just launch their own brand and create online magazines from their laptops,  providing a place thats's free to log onto for people to get their inspiration from. I used to have a Vogue subscription, but honestly, now, I no longer subscribe. Blogs are where I go. Personally,  I love that the blogosphere is changing everyday to become more editorial. However, there is a point where the content must remain totally relatable to the readers.  If a blog can allow real people to promote a real lifestyle - there's that 'girl next door' feeling to wearing the clothes - then it is going to be much more indicative for the readers who actually buy the clothes. 

What I love about blogging is that there is still a connection with normality - we are real people. When you log onto someone's blog, you can find out about their day, or what's going on in their life, without having to even see them. I have not met most of the bloggers I follow, but yet I feel like I already know them from the personal and inspiring content they produce every week.

So let's inspire others by our websites and aspire to our goal of voicing an opinion on lifestyle and fashion. Be who you are. With so many glamorous women in the blogosphere, it can sometimes seem intimating to just be you. But embrace who you are, because that is why people log on to your site. The make up I wear on here is the make up I wear every single day. Embrace being the girl next door - anyone can start a blog. That's what makes blogging so relatable.

So what equipment is best when it comes to getting that editorial look? Karen Millen have recently teamed up with brand Olympus and their incredibly beautiful PEN E-PL8 camera, which is a seriously respected camera in the blogosphere. If you're after crisp shots, with a blurry background, the Olympus PEN E-PL8 with a 45mm lens is a great camera to have. It's also a great size to take out and about with you whilst you're blogging. Karen Millen have just launched a competition to celebrate the launch of their AW16': IN FOCUS campaign, and they are treating five lucky winners to a £750 Karen Millen shopping spree and their own Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera. It's also incredibly easy to enter, all you need to do is enter you name and email into the following link. A/W16': IN FOCUS Competition. Good luck!

For me,  it's about embracing every new stage of where blogging is heading. I think it's an incredibly powerful platform that has opened so many doors for so many young people. Blogging should be about finding the balance between editorial and relatable. Glossy photos are definitely inspiring, but without the text and a genuine article to go alongside them - your blog needs a unique personality to inspire others.

In my opinion, that should always be the future of blogging. A platform for creatives to share their stories and keep pushing themselves to be better. Everyday bloggers are getting more knowledgeable on website development, photography, business skills... to name a few. We are all constantly pushing each other to develop our own online magazines - so let's keep encouraging one another to grow the blogging world into something even better in the future!

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