Rediscovering Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives. I personally have had my ups and downs with this over my high school and University years but there are 3 things that have really stuck for me. 1. Be Yourself & Your Own Personality. 2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others. 3. Do What Makes You Happy & Set Your Goals Accordingly.

Photography by Amber-Rose Smith

There is a point in life, when you realise that you are yourself, and you can’t change that and you should just embrace that person. The world would be a very dull place if everyone were the same. I remember filming my first ever sit-down YouTube video a year ago, and I really struggled to watch it back. I found it so hard seeing myself from the other side of the camera, and all I could do was criticise it. We are our own greatest critic. In my eyes, I didn’t look like the “other YouTubers” but if I looked the same as them, then it wouldn't be my channel.

                                                                                                                               Reiss Striped Sweater


                                                                                                                          Reiss Striped Sweater

                                                                                                                          L.K.Bennett Sandra Coat


                                                                                                                     L.K.Bennett Sandra Coat

Do you ever spend hours aimlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, sat in your pyjamas browsing the highlights of people’s lives and feeling like your life doesn’t even come close to it? I used to do this a lot, (which is why I reduced my pyjama days!) …I still spend far too much time in my pyjamas but the point being is that negatively comparing yourself to others gets you nowhere. The day I stopped trying to please everyone in the room and be comfortable doing my own thing was the day I became a lot happier in myself.

It’s definitely easier said than done to “just be yourself” because if only gaining self-confidence could take a click of a finger. But in time, it comes naturally. There is a time when you decide that doing “you” is far more enjoyable than following the crowd to fit in.

I am lucky in that I have always been a naturally ambitious person, and I feel as though I can thank my dad for this. He has always been a highly driven and competitive person to the point of never letting me win at anything, even when I was as young as 8 years old. He always made sure he won at 10 pin bowling and made sure that we knew about it. Oh yes. But in my opinion, life's too short to do something you don't enjoy. Sure, bills need to be paid, but what is the point in doing something day in day out that you are not passionate about, that doesn't inspire you? 

It sounds cheesy, but do what makes you happy. As I’m coming to the final few months of University, many of my friends, myself included, are wondering what happens next? It’s a pretty daunting moment. But it’s so important to do something you love and do it with confidence. It's also really okay to not know what you will be doing in 10 years time, because life would be boring if you already knew your set life plan. You will find yourself along the way.

I grabbed a notebook last week, wrote down 10 things I want to achieve in 2016, and I'm going to stick to it like glue. Those are my goals and I will achieve them. If you have never tried this before, I couldn't recommend it more! It is so rewarding, even writing down 3 daily things you want to achieve everyday has massively made me feel more confident in myself and the things I accomplish. 

Even today, I can still go through my slumps of panic with all the "what happens next!?" questions. But everyday, I become more okay with the fact that I'm doing 110% "me" now and thats okay.

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