How To Create A Professional Workwear Look

It feels like ages since I last posted on Imogen & James, and I have honestly been absolutely swamped in my final 2 weeks of finishing my degree at University. But as of today, it is all submitted (hallelujah!) and so I thought in today's blog post, it would be very relevant to write about " How To Create A Professional Workwear Look". A lot of my friends (myself included) are now graduating/applying for jobs/going to interviews, etc. I get asked a lot "What should I wear to work!?" - the reality is, every job is different (some more casual than others), but for your everyday office job, there are definitely staples that will never let you down. 

Photography by Amber-Rose Smith


Trench coats are probably one of my all time favourite classics. If you followed my blog before my rebrand, you have probably seen me wear my fair few over the last few years in blog posts... They work well with most office outfits, and they generally smarten up any look. Personally, I wear trench coats casually just as much as formally, so they are definitely worth the investment. It's one of those coats you can never go wrong with and just instantly makes you look more professional. I will also admit - if ever I don't know what to wear I will always turn to a trench! I've owned black and stone coloured trenches over the years but I'm loving this honey colour right now...


I wear my J Brand Jeans a lot. You can usually get away with black jeans to the office, but if the dress code is more formal then I would recommend investing in some tailored trousers. A simple pair of navy, black, grey or beige trousers are usually my go-to, they will smarten up any kind of fitted sweater or blouse for the workplace. You can get these kind of trousers anywhere - ASOS do some really lovely one's right now, which I will link down below! As for shoes, neutral heels are my favourite - nude block heels in the summer or black suede ankle boots in winter instantly make your outfit look more professional. I usually stay clear of high heels for work, just because I don't find them particularly comfortable - but if I opt for flats, I usually go in pointed loafers which L.K.Bennett do oh so well...


Invest in some blouses. Regardless of whether your dress code is casual or formal office-wear, you can always pull off a nice tailored blouse. I have literally dozens of these (in lots of different patterns/bright colours)! They are so fun to play around with - you can pair them with jeans, tailored trousers, culottes, or even pencil skirts. It just keeps your outfit looking professional but fun. In the summer, I like to wear bright coloured blouses but also sleeveless blouses when the weather gets warmer - I have been wearing this Reiss Anne Silk Front Jersey Top so much lately - it goes with absolutely everything!


Confession time - designer bags are my thing, I absolutely love them, and I think there is a saying "once you buy that kind of leather you can never go back..."). *Insert guilty face here* This bag was my first ever luxury handbag purchase and I remember being hesitant at the time whether or not it was worth the money. I bought this Mulberry bayswater handbag back in 2012 and it has 100% held it's value and quality. Four years later after lugging around my MacBook and iPad in it (at the same time...!) it is still holding it's shape, so when I recently purchased the new Clifton bag (which I unboxed here), I had no doubt it would last me at least another 4 years too. The cost per wear has always worked out worth it with the amount I wear mine! Once you invest, they are with you for a long time and it instantly makes any outfit look more expensive and professional, especially for the office.


I never usually like to leave the house without my jewellery and watch on - accessories really do make all the difference and they personally make me feel more confident. I definitely find they make even the simplest outfits look more professional. I invested in the Longines PrimaLuna Watch earlier this year and I absolutely love it and wear it everyday. It's such a timeless watch and it makes you look instantly more sophisticated and business-like.

Most importantly, feel good and comfortable about what you wear to work everyday. Investing in staples always makes deciding what to wear to work in the mornings slightly easier. Start with a neutral look/style that works for you and then build on it with different coloured trend pieces each season - that way you have always got a base look that works for you!


Outfit Details:

Burberry London - The Kensington Trench Coat

Reiss Anne Silk Front Jersey Top

J Brand Jeans

Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Silver Twin Ring Necklace

Longines PrimaLuna Watch

L.K.Bennett Suede Ankle Boots


Shop the Look for LESS:

ASOS Classic Mac or Warehouse Stone Mac or Hobbs Mac Coat

White Sleeveless Pleat Top

Beige High Waisted Trousers or Grey Tailored Trousers or ASOS Black Skinny Jeans

Black Suede Ankle Boots or Nude Block Heeled Court Shoes

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