My Home Office Tour & Staying Inspired Working From Home

If you had asked me what I would be doing after University before I'd been to University, I can guarantee you it would not have looked anything like what I do now. I always imagined myself in my early twenties working my way up in a seriously cool Marketing agency, 9 to 5, and most likely head to toe in L.K.Bennett trouser suits, because they made me look like one of the directors *yes I used to do this lol*. And truth be told, I did actually land myself the dream of all dream jobs, which was in fact the 9 to 5 I'd dreamt of, in an even cooler place to work than a marketing agency: a video production company! But after a much needed but also-incredibly-difficult-decision to make, I relocated 6 hours drive South, to be with friends, family and loved ones, (and if you've seen from my Instagram) to also run full-time my own business. Why have I never shared this story before? Because I didn't think anyone would be interested to be honest! But more and more people started to ask me about running a business, how to do it, whether I can work from home, do I get work life balance, what do I do as a job (lol you get that one a lot because people think how can you make money remotely!). And also, if someone had written a blog like this 4 years ago when I was at University, I would have felt so inspired that no matter how young you are, it's absolutely possible to become a business owner, and it's crazy fantastic to say the least! I love it and would not have it any other way now. 

But after a much needed but also-incredibly-difficult-decision to make, I relocated 6 hours drive South, to be with friends, family and loved ones, (and if you’ve seen from my Instagram) to also run full-time my own business.

Whilst today's topic won't be a 'how to set up your own business' blog (I'll definitely write one of these soon), I did want to add some context in what I use my home office for and how I work from home and stay inspired. I would say I work two days a week from home, one day a week at meetings or location based jobs and business related things, and the other two days working away from my home office. One of the best things for me is b a l a n c e. I disregarded this for so long, until it played havoc with my mental state. I personally love balance in my work life and this is what you have the liberty to gauge when you don't work 9-5 and you're your own boss. I wake up to work at 5:30am everyday. I'm my most productive in the mornings and then by the afternoon time, I can factor in some me-time. Another tip of mine for higher productivity, is choose a set work place. When I bought my desk and desktop, everything came together. It allowed me to have a set work space that meant whenever I sit here, I am fully dedicated to the task at hand. I love surrounding myself with green plants, gorgeous candles, and a little bit of fruit to nibble on whilst drinking a cup of (my favourite English breakfast) tea. *Side note, it's not always raspberries.. I am a sucker for digestive biscuits which also make their way onto my desk far more often than needed*. 


Notebooks, flowers, and a to-do-list notepad. Those are the little things that fire me up when I get to my desk in the mornings. Planning for those high priority tasks for the day help me get in the flow and the right mindset. I have also recently added 'drinking plenty of water' into my routine, as well as cracking the window open a crack. It adds a little flow of fresh air which is always satisfying too! My final tip would definitely be: shower! Some people just leap out of bed and down to their desk, and I won't deny I have done this a handful of times in my life. But by no means is this how you feel good about yourself! *lol* As lovely as it may be, lounging around in your softest white company joggers, I always shower as soon as I wake up and factor in one outing a day. If you dress like you're about to go to a 9 to 5 job, you won't feel any different than if you were! Working from home definitely has it's pros and cons, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You have the opportunity to wake up and do what you love daily, and you get to call all the shots - how cool right?


Curious what I do for a living? Check out this video below, which was a promotional video I produced for my business Hamilton Branding. If you're ever in the North Yorkshire are, I seriously recommend a trip to the LillianDaph store. You won't be disappointed. It's where I got my little blue mugs and bowls from. They inspire me everyday and I love them! Check out the film below! Thanks for reading everyone! Frances x

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