Why It's Important To Take Time Out

I really am a country girl at heart. Although I love living in the city, I spend a lot of my time walking the dogs in the countryside. It's where I feel my calmest, and I really do cherish the peace and quiet. Sometimes the introvert that I am needs a little time to unwind in a quiet field with nothing but sheep! My mind can get a little frazzled and overwhelmed living in the city, and sometimes I just need to take a step back. It's so important for me to regain perspective and spend my time reflecting on where I'm at, whether that's with life in general or with where to take my blog next. 

Photography By Amber-Rose Smith

Having recently taken my blog full-time for the summer, I have experienced the challenges and benefits of doing so. But the main challenge can often be staying inspired with creativity! It's a well known fact that as soon as someone turns their hobby into a business, the not-so-fun parts can drag, and feeling obliged to be constantly thinking of new things to blog about can be a little scary! What I have found has always kept me inspired personally, is taking a step back and going outside for a walk or simply some fresh air. I'm a bit of a morning person, and the more time I can spend outside the better - you'll find me sat outside chomping on my granola at 7am and I'm not even joking... !


My best ideas for YouTube videos or blog posts are usually when I'm out in the countryside on a walk, it usually helps inspire me. I tend to get creative when I have nothing else to worry about, and more often than not I will stop and write down some ideas when I'm out and about. If I'm not out the house by 9am on some sort of country walk, then I'll struggle to start the day properly! But luckily, I'm good with my alarm... most of the time! Not all people are morning people. But getting some truly peaceful time out whatever the time of day can seriously and positively change how you're feeling mentally and physically. 


Another thing I try to do when I'm out in the country, is to turn OFF my technology. That phrase is ten times easier to type than actually achieve, but I do try and stick to that rule if I can. I find it helps me to be more mindful of my surroundings, which leads to a happier and less stressed out Frances later on in the day! (win win). These days, it can feel so hard to disconnect from social media. I completely feel this way! There can be this urge to check onto it... constantly. But living life in the real world, technology-free and to be able to see things that aren't behind a phone screen is so so satisfying, even if it is just an hour's morning walk where you can't check your phone. It makes such a positive difference to my day - and it's free!


With so many Barbour jackets available these days, I was honestly overwhelmed by which one to choose. I was lucky that I could go and try one on, as I they had a retailer close to home. But no matter how many variations and styles I came across, nothing beat the classic traditional Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket (Sage). Over the decades, countless generations have worn the Beadnell jacket in some form or other, and it quickly became the one for me. It is so important for me to get my money's worth out of my clothes, so I tend to stick to classic's that I know will last forever. It has a slightly looser fit, which means I can wear a roll-neck sweater under this in the winter time too. I absolutely love this jacket, and I wear it out walking everyday.


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I used to put so much pressure on myself with deadlines, more pressure than I ever needed. This obviously does far more damage than good! If you can, reward yourself for your achievements, and take some time out for yourself. The importance of time out is huge, and I think a lot of people today feel like there is no time for this. But you can ALWAYS make time. When you have deadlines, focus on the individual tasks instead of blowing the whole thing into a stressful affair. I was once told it's the little things in life that make the difference.

I was once told it’s the little things in life that make the difference.

Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed? Or unable to think of new ideas? Let me know what you guys do and how you overcome it! If you haven't tried any of my tips, please let me know how you get on with them, I hope they can help you as much as they help me! It's amazing how a change in lifestyle can have such an impact on changing your mentality.

Thank you for reading!


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