Why It's Important To See The Positive Side Of Life

I speak a lot about positivity here on the blog. It's a way of life that I care a great deal about and make a conscious effort to appreciate and look forward to the little things everyday. If I can just bring even one little bit of optimism to one of my readers, then it's worth it to me. Not everyone is naturally positive, but I do believe it's a choice and that everyone can choose to see the positive side in anything. Today, I wanted to focus specifically on the importance of seeing the positive side of life.

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Everyone has a routine. Whether that's going to work, walking the dogs, making yourself a cup of tea, there will always be something that happens everyday and that you end up doing on autopilot because it was 'the same thing you did yesterday'. It's so important not to cruise through life, doing things for others, living their life in routine, and not focusing on at least one thing that makes them happy everyday. About a year ago now, I started to slip into a routine. A routine that didn't challenge me anymore, motivate me, and didn't make me happy. It got to the stage where I had nothing to look forward to and that's when I knew I had to make positives in my everyday life, or I was never going to get that satisfaction. I started pencilling down daily things that made me happy and ticking them off in the evening and taking photographs to make a memory. I still use that very same notebook today.

I started pencilling down daily things that made me happy and ticking them off in the evening and taking photographs to make a memory. I still use that very same notebook today.

Mindfulness. This is one of the most worthwhile daily routines of all. I will hands down admit I rarely get the chance to do it as much as I would like to. It only takes ten minutes but it is one of those things that allows you to just be in the moment and really appreciate life around you for those few minutes. It allows you to just stop. Something a lot of us don't ever get the chance to do. Mindfulness is one of my favourite things to keep my mind positive and leaves me feeling so much happier, inspired and positive afterwards. Never underestimate the importance of taking just ten minutes of time out.

I know this one seems easier said than done, but being the person you want to be and not letting others dictate that person is so important to living a long term happier life. Over the last few years of University, I feel like I have really found myself, and that day came along the same day I stopped worrying what others thought of me. Surround yourself with people that allow you to grow into the person you want to be. It's as simple as that.

Make time for the things you want to do and that inspire you everyday. It’s as simple as that.

Have any of you guys ever been in a negativity slump?

Make some time for yourself that brings you positivity everyday - the memories will last a lifetime.  


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