Let's Talk About Friendship

Friendship is something that I have always valued. I feel like this comes down to knowing you have that support network of friends and family, and someone that you can always rely on, and vice versa. I have been lucky in that I have made some incredible friends over the years, from high school to University... and sure, it may not have been hundreds, but I value the importance of having those fewer close friends. They are practically like family to me.

Let's talk about friendship.

Your best friends in life may sometimes be far away, you may fall out, you may not see each other for years, they may even live down the road, but when you reunite - they will still be there for you.

Recently, I have been reflecting a lot over Imogen & James. And for a while now, I have wanted to bring more depth to the blog, but in all honesty, it hasn't been until recently that I have had the confidence to do so. It is easily assumed from many social media profiles that people have the most perfect life, when in fact most of my days are spent doing your everyday work/tasks (which I don't think any of you would find that interesting..!)

Now don't get me wrong, I am immensely passionate about photography and always looking to create the most beautiful photographs to inspire you all. That is what I have always wanted Imogen & James to be about - a place to go for any kind of inspiration. For me, I love finding stunning locations, and with the added bonus of doing a photoshoot for the blog is a win win situation. But it's important for me that you see the real me, the good times and sometimes hear of the bad.

 This week, a very special someone came to visit and I'm proud to call her one of my closest friends. Thirteen years down the line, which feels like a whole lifetime ago, and we're still just as close as we were age eight. Now don't get me wrong, long distance friendships aren't always easy. I think a lot of people will admit to that. And I will be honest, there were times in our lives when things started to change, perhaps at different stages, and it was hard to relate to one another. But in my opinion, all close friendships in life have their ups and downs, and unfortunately some do fizzle out, but equally sometimes you will reunite stronger than before. Be patient. Its all about recognising when you are growing apart and no longer bringing each other up that ladder, but equally recognising when you're helping your friend grow stronger, with support and friendship to one another. 

So how do you make a long distance relationship survive, whilst growing at the same time? It's a well know fact that people can change. Some people change slowly and not a great deal, whilst others can change dramatically. Naturally from being teenagers in high school to young students in University definitely made things extra difficult to follow each others lives. My advice to people changing is to be patient, because you may well be equally changing yourself, and that's okay.

Space is so important in any relationship. 

Thirteen years down the line and we still take every opportunity to make the most of the time we have with each other. It is so important to make memories, and by planning special trips, adventures, and events together has always allowed us to build so many extra special memories together.

It is so important to make memories, and by planning special trips, adventures, and events together has always allowed us to build so many extra special memories together.

Let's talk about influence. Throughout any friendship, you bring something to each others life. There are so many things that have influenced me through my friendship with Alix. She was the first person who ever inspired me to start gaining interest in French fashion. I loved the way she dressed in a more Parisian way, which has definitely influenced my style today. Likewise, Alix has always been so thankful for all the memories I captured of us. I have always been passionate about photography and this has definitely influenced her own take on photography. 

Make the most of your friends, the ones who stick around no matter what are the ones worth holding onto. Everyone changes, but if you make an effort to grow up that ladder together, you will build an incredible friendship that will genuinely last a lifetime. 

Do you have that one best friend you have known for years? Have you had to go long distance? How have you worked through this? I'd love to hear your stories!



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