How To Make Your Wardrobe Go Further

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have probably guessed by now that I adore neutrals. My wardrobe is bombarded with greys and beiges! I am always looking for new pieces to build on my famous love of the casual chic look. Over the last year, I have given so many past trend and fashion pieces to charity shops. I was no longer wearing them, and they were just gathering dust everyday in my wardrobe, having only worn them a handful of times. I started to realise that I wanted a longer lasting wardrobe, one that I could get more wear out of every item.

Photography by Amber-Rose Smith

There is no secret in that buying a classic neutral wardrobe will undeniably go further. But I still love a pop of colour from time to time. I realised that an old leather jacket of mine still gets worn 4 years later! So investing in this recent purchase: this Reiss Leather Jacket, that I have been reaching for constantly lately and have now worn a million times, seemed like a fairly reasonable investment. I cannot get enough of it - it's such a gorgeous colour. A statement coloured jacket is so nice to throw on with some ankle boots or slip on's. It just makes the outfit! It’s amazing just how easily you can dress up your neutrals. Having the basics like this Grey Polo Neck Top (Similar) and black J Brand Jeans can be dressed down casually with a leather jacket or dressed up with a long wool coat or trench for workwear. 

                                                                                                                       Longines PrimaLuna Watch


                                                                                                                  Longines PrimaLuna Watch

There are certain items I like to invest in, like these J Brand Jeans that I have literally worn to death over the last 4 years, and repurchased a couple of times because they are that good. Nothing keeps their shape like these and if I didn’t wear them so much or walk the dog in them, I wouldn’t even need to repurchase these..! Usually my pairs of J Brand Jeans will last me at least 4 years (still here and counting with a couple of pairs!) and I've found they never ever lose their shape, for me that's worth spending more on. Invest in the staples and treat yourself to a new leather jacket when you feel like reviving your wardrobe. This will make your wardrobe go so much further.

If you are interested in making your wardrobe go further, have a look at which items you have worn at least 20 times and look out for the pieces that you didn't feel as though you got your money's worth out of. This is what I did and it makes you feel as if you get so much more wear out of everything. 

If you have worn them more than 20 times, next time you buy into a similar piece you know that investing in that item won't go to waste. There is nothing worse that finding an item in your wardrobe that you only wore a handful of times and then feeling as though you wasted your money on it. I did that with a couple of suede leather jackets this year that were gorgeous colours but I didn't necessarily love the cut and fit and ended up donating them to charity. I have learnt from my mistakes and I now double think any new purchase. I now always ask myself: Do I really think I will wear that at least 20 times?! Really Frances? Trust me, it works!

For years I have bought suede ankle boots, they quickly became my statement shoe over the years. I loved having a casual pair of heels I could wear out and about to give me height (being as small as I am..!). If you are looking to make your wardrobe go further, investing in a pair of ankle boots in a neutral colour can really bring any outfit to life when you go out! It is so easy to dress up an outfit with these, whether it's a long wool coat, or a casual leather jacket.

I now always ask myself: Do I really think I will wear that at least 20 times?! Really Frances? Trust me, it works!

I wore this outfit when I shot with the lovely Amber-Rose. We grabbed some homemade cakes at this cute little cafe in town. Is anyone else completely obsessed with Fetimans Rose Lemonade? I discovered it at a pub 6 months ago and I've been hooked ever since. It is the nicest lemonade ever. If you have never tried it before, do it! Oh my goodness, it's what dreams are made of. 

                                                                               Nails - Essie Bordeaux


                                                                          Nails - Essie Bordeaux

Do you want to make your wardrobe go further and you find that your wardrobe is overflowing with pieces you don't wear anymore? Find those treasured items that you do wear time and time again then use them to build the foundation for the look you want to achieve in the future.

Has anyone else downsized like I have? Let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear if you have any other tips or have had a similar experience? 


Outfit Details:

Reiss Leather Jacket

L.K.Bennett Brown Ankle Boots

J Brand Jeans

Grey Polo Neck Top (Similar)

  Nails - Essie Bordeaux

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