How To Set Up Your Blog As A Business

The question that everyone wants to know - how do you set up your blog and start making money from it? You may have been blogging for years and finally want to take the leap into earning some money from it or you may have decided to launch a new business venture - a blog! Which in today's world is known to be a career in itself. So how did I turn my blog into a business? Here are some tips and advice on what worked for me personally, and hopefully this can help at least one of you get set up as a business!

Photography by Amber-Rose Smith


I touched on joining affiliate networks in my Q&A post earlier this year, and I received so many questions from you guys about how to join them and get started. Affiliate networks are a great way to reach brands about collaborations/sponsorships, etc. I personally have joined Linkshare & Affiliate Window, which are great places to start when setting up your blog as a business. It gives you access to brand email addresses and therefore the potential to work with most brands in the UK.  When I first started out, I reached out to hundreds of brands that were in line with my brand Imogen & James and I used the opportunity to introduce myself and my new blog. Brands love primary imagery - it is different to their own corporate photography, so make sure to show off some examples of your previous work. But most importantly, it will take time to build relationships with brands, so don't expect it to happen overnight!


Every business requires a schedule. Uploading regular content to your blog is key in growing your blog and turning it into a business. By creating a month by month schedule on what you want to appear on your blog is very important! Being organised and having the ability to manage several projects all at one time is key. When you're first starting out, hitting those brand collaboration deadlines and exceeding their expectations will help strengthen those brand relationships too.

Make sure you keep a running tab of all in and out-going costs. It's a business now, so you'll need to do a tax return! You may buy a camera as a business expense, pay a photographer's invoice, send out your own invoices to brands, and keep a running tab of all gifted products (as these all need to be mentioned in your tax return!). With every business comes the oh so fun admin side too, so make sure you keep on top of that and chase up outstanding payments.


Social media is one of the main ways I have promoted Imogen & James. It is incredibly powerful too. Make sure you get all your twitter and Instagram handles sorted (all the same if possible), and start promoting! You can also track your blog analytics to see how social media is increasing your traffic and engagement - I regularly check back on these to see what is working and what is not. Promote, promote, promote. 

I hope this little insight into setting up your blog as a business can help, if this is something you wanted to do. I'm always happy for you guys to ask me any other questions you may have - so send me a message on social or give me an email and I'll get back to you! 


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