How Running Changed My Mentality

It was important for me to do this blog post to show exactly how much running and exercise has changed my mentality for the better, and I hoped this would help motivate at least one person out there. Saltburn beach brings back so many memories of when I started getting into my running whilst in my final year at college before I went off to university.

There was just this thrill of waking up at the crack of dawn and getting into my sportswear to head for a beach run with a bunch of motivating feel good songs in my running playlist on Spotify. Now although I tried to continue my running at university, as the years went on, responsibilities and deadlines limited my time and I found myself running less and less, especially with raising the puppies and juggling my university projects. But in the last couple of weeks, I started making time for my running in my schedule and it made a huge difference to how I felt.

Naturally, running releases endorphins that make you feel happier and going on such an early morning runs allowed me to feel more awake in the mornings and therefore I felt like I had more of my day afterwards. Being someone who suffers with anxiety, going for a run or doing some exercise had a massive positive change to my mentality. I felt like I wouldn't get to that number 10 as easily on my anxiety scale and knowing I had more of my day ahead gave me far more time to schedule for my university work whilst juggling my blog schedule and time for the puppies. 


Now I hope this isn't just me who does this, but investing in some really nice sportswear really helps motivate me to go out running and feel good about myself. I am a massive fan of Nike and I love how bright they are going with their sportswear lately. At first, I thought no way am I ever going to pull off these ridiculous bright colours but now I absolutely love the look. Ever since I got my Nike ID personalised trainers last year, I have been looking for a matching bright orange top, and this one even comes with a roll neck which is perfect for the cold start to Spring!

 This shoot is definitely up there in the coldest shoots I've ever done (might have been around 5 degrees but with gail force winds and then some rain...), but it was totally worth it and was a lot of fun to film/shoot. I have been wearing these Nike black leggings for about 2 years now - I have a few pairs too! They are so flattering and perfect to run in and I even wear them to my Yoga classes. I also love that they come with a small zip pocket behind, which is really useful to put my house key in (as I once lost my keys including my car keys on a run once when I was holding them loose, not a great idea - I know!). It's important to feel good in what you wear and I have definitely been feeling a lot more motivated from it. Invest in some sportswear that makes you feel good !

There are also so many apps available these days that helped me set goals for myself. I personally use my Apple Watch, and set it for an outdoor run and it meseaures your heartbeat, distance ran, speed and even calories burnt, but there are also so many free apps that you can use straight from your phone. My personal favourite if I'm using my phone is the Nike Running app!

My shoes are the Nike ID personalised running trainers, which was such a cool experience as I was able to create the shoe online myself. You can change the fabrics, colours, and of course customise your shoe with your printed name. But if you're just after a new look or want to update your sportswear look, I have left the links to the bright orange look below. Don't forget to check out my YouTube video down below where you can see the shoot live, it was probably my favourite shoot to film as my first on my new camera so I was very excited to film this back home in Saltburn!

Thank you for reading and come back soon! x

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