Sleeping Beauty with Holland & Barrett - Relaxing Evenings & Winding Down

Over the last couple of years, relaxation and "winding down time" is something I have found increasingly important as I have gotten older. I have always valued sleep and noticed it's impact on how I feel throughout the next day, but maintaining a calm state of mind became much more significant about a year ago, when I went through one of the hardest years experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I make time for some mindfulness and turn off all technology and make the most of that "me" time.

This post is in Collaboration with Holland & Barrett*

Holland & Barrett kindly sent me some of their relaxation products last week to try out for their Sleeping Beauty campaign. It brought back so many memories of when I had used these very same products back when I was struggling with anxiety. They all work in different ways to help keep me calm and encourage a relaxing night's sleep, so theres something for everyone's tastes. The products also couldn't have arrived at a better time - writing my dissertation has been an endless task, combined with a lot of stress, and taking an evening to wind down is always a good idea, whatever the occasion!

                                                                                                                                                      Short Hydrocotton Robe

                                                                                                                                                  Short Hydrocotton Robe

When I am my most stressed, I have noticed I usually turn to drinking a lot of tea ! I remember noticing a few months ago that all the caffeine was leaving me on edge - so I decided to start drinking caffeine-free teas 95% of the time. And it makes such a difference! Every evening, I have been trying out the Higher Living Sweet Dreams Tea. It's a mixture of lavender, peppermint and cinnamon and I have been finding it really calming and relaxing.

I have always been a big fan of using relaxing scents in the evenings. When I received this Relaxing Lavender Sleep Mist I was very excited to try it. Although I was a little worried at first, as I know sleep mists can sometimes be overpowering, this was definitely not the case. It is very mild. Every night I will do about 5 spritz's around my bedroom, including onto my pillow, and it leaves a subtle calming lavender scent. It can be quite unpleasant falling asleep with an overbearing pillow scent, so the fact that this one is quite soft is really lovely! I also really like that this one is 100% natural - you can sometimes pay far more for naturally derived ingredients!

I have been using the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Bath Oil and Body Oil over the last week, and I have to say have really helped me to switch off in the evenings. They smell incredible, and both of them include pure Lavender, Sandlewood and Jasmine oils. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised. The only downside is their bottle size, you don't get a huge amount for the money. 

I also enjoyed using the Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts which I have been a bit unconventionally using as an exfoliator by mixing it with shower gel (this is a favourite of mine!). I found it helps to actually have a bath in your bathroom if you want to use them to soak!   I wasn't particularly blown away with the Triple Oil Body Butter as I preferred the moisturising silky texture of the Tisserand Body Oil

The Tisserand roller balls were a life saver when I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. Even today, when I'm feeling on edge and stressed, I will always have one of these in my handbags/beside my bedside table. So how do they work? I usually roll it onto my pulse and temple points and it honestly has always helped me feel calmer. 

Remember to take time out for yourself and to relax. I am someone who lives life at a million miles an hour and sometimes I need to reign myself in and go "hey, take a break and drink some tea, woman!". If you struggle with getting a good night's sleep or you're in need of some stress-free time out, have a try of some of these products. You will be amazed at what an hour of no technology can do! It has done me so much good!

Have you ever tried any of these products before? I would love to hear if anyone else has any tips from taking some time out in the evenings to relax! Thanks for reading, and I will be back next week with a brand new mason blog post! 


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