New Additions To My Everyday Skincare Routine

It’s that time of year, when you want to start wearing lighter make-up as the weather gets warmer but to do so, you want your skin looking its best! Less is always more when it comes to make up, in my opinion. For me, having a ‘good skin day’ makes putting my make up on one million times more enjoyable, and I have to confess I am definitely becoming a skincare addict - I am constantly on the lookout for new game-changing products that are better than the ones I have and that make it to my everyday skincare routine.

I have also just made an order for some exciting new Spring make up launches (price match weekends always win me over..!), one of which was the lightweight Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation - I love wearing lighter foundations in summer, but I always like to get my skincare just right (putting aside those hormonal break-outs which we all seem to get at some stage or another!).

So this is my latest adored everyday skincare routine, all these products I use daily and I can honestly say that my skin hasn't felt and looked this great in a while! I am very excited to share these with you.

I am still using what I call my ‘one and only’ Liz Earle Cleanser - I haven’t tried anything that comes close to this, and I have been using this pretty much religiously over the last 5 years. I love its creamy texture, and it doesn’t strip the moisture out of your skin, which for someone like me with a skin type on the dry side, this is perfect. It keeps my skin clear and soft, and I practically swear by the stuff. 

The brand Caudalie is a recent little discovery of mine, it’s a French skincare brand that is 100% natural and all their products use vine and grape extracts which come from their vineyards in France, so they are just a really ethical brand. I have been really loving their latest Vinosource product launches and the Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum followed by their Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet have made their way to my everyday skincare routine.

I find the moisturiser a lot more hydrating than the Elizabeth Arden moisturiser I reviewed a few weeks back, and I would even go as far as saying even more hydrating than my all-time favourite Liz Earle Dry/Sensitive moisturiser. I honestly never thought I would find something better than that.

What I really like about the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet is it absorbs quickly and its even more lightweight than the  Liz Earle Dry/Sensitive moisturiser, which is why I’ve been using this one daily. I also prefer the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet because it doesn't have a greasy-texture to it at all. There is nothing nicer than feeling like you’re not wearing anything on your face, and with a lighter foundation, this is the perfect summer moisturising cream. Also, these two products aren't specifically aimed at dry skin types, so if you have an oily to normal skin type, this moisturiser will work for you!

This Peter Thomas Roth product was actually sent to me, as I had never heard of the brand beforehand, but it has genuinely become probably my favourite skincare product at the moment. Upon first impressions, I had honestly similar expectations to the Elizabeth Arden moisturiser (good.. but not hydrating enough for me personally). But oh my goodness, we are talking ‘game-changer’ here. It’s the Rose Stem Cell: Bio-Repair Gel Mask. First of all, it smells beautiful, it basically smells of fresh roses and not like you are putting chemicals on your face.

Why do I love it so much? Putting aside its anti-ageing benefits (which at 21, I don’t feel is so important.. for now!), this gel is seriously seriously hydrating. I’ve been struggling with some dryness at the moment, and as soon as I used this, it restored the moisture in a matter of minutes. You would honestly expect this probably to be really greasy, but it just absorbs straight into the skin, and leaves it looking a lot more radiant with that ‘healthy looking glow’ to it, which makes my make up go on beautifully. It’s probably my new favourite edition to my updated skincare collection, a product I would 100% get again in the future and would definitely recommend. I cannot stop raving about this...

Whilst we’re onto the topic of masks, I have been using the Decleor Prolagene Lift - Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel, and although its designed for more mature skin, I personally find it tightens my skin and does leave you with a brighter complexion. I use this twice a week after I have cleansed, particularly if my skin looks dull and needs something extra in the mornings before I spray the Caudalie Grape Water and follow with a moisturiser. But I would say this is a product designed for slightly maturer skin! I like the effects, and a little goes a long way, but I probably wouldn't buy this in the future, because I'm not sure it's 100% worth the money, honestly. 

I have started using the Caudalie Grape Water as an alternative to La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray. I usually spray this on after my cleanser (almost as a toner), but I've also used this to set my make up (which can sometimes dry me out!). I prefer the Caudalie Grape Water because it's specifically designed to hydrate your skin which I personally need, and I also find it has a nicer more natural smell to the Serozinc Spray. It's basically a moisture boost in a bottle! I can't wait to use this in summer when the weather get's hot - I've heard people put this one in the fridge in summer, why not right?!

I am still very much hooked on using the Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley. I have been using this a few times a week. I usually apply this if my skin looks like its going to breakout, or I have blemishes or redness, and I can 100% trust that overnight the Luna Sleeping Night Oil will reduce and prevent any overnight breakouts. This is like my safety go-to product, (usually if I've eaten a lot of sugar that day!) and I know that it will leave my skin clear for the next day! But when I'm not applying this in the evenings, I will either use the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell: Bio-Repair Gel Mask, my Decleor Prolagene Lift - Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel or the new Origins By All Greens Mask (which I have a separate new blog post planned to rave about this new favourite on!). These all usually balance out my problems, which are dryness, tired looking skin, blemish-prone skin and dark under-eye circles!

One of those classics I still can't live without is the La Roche-Posay Effacer Duo (+) - it really works and it's one of the more affordable skincare products that just work. This is one of my staple products I like to use everyday, even if it is just focusing on applying it to my blemish-prone areas of my face. I love this. The only downside to this product is probably how long it lasts - I probably pick a new one of these up every 2 months ! But it's a really great natural product that unclogs your skin and prevents breakouts, and I really love the smell and texture to it. Definitely recommend trying this one, once again a really natural brand for your skin, and you can buy it on the high street too!

Finally, I am still loving the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15, I haven't been wearing much make up lately (whilst in dissertation mode..) so I've been using this a lot - mornings and evenings. It just keeps my lips feeling soft and moisturised, because I'm one of those people who bites their lips when they're stressed, and this just stops me doing just that and actually repairs them, so I have been quite loving this one !

Thanks again for reading guys! I feel like I rave about a lot of products on here, and I'm due a disappointing products blog post because I do have a fair few that haven't worked for me, so let me know if this is something you would be interested in? Also, if you have any suggestions for upcoming blog posts or you would like to see a particular product reviewed on here, let me know via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or send me an email, I really love hearing from you guys! 


Links to these products are below: 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet

Caudalie Grape Water

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell: Bio-Repair Gel Mask

Decleor Prolagene Lift - Lift & Brighten Peeling Gel

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15

La Roche-Posay Effacer Duo (+)


*Some of these products were sent to me, but all opinions are my own.