What University Taught Me

Lucy Holden, 26/02/17

Like Jude, university from a young age appeared to me as a ‘city of light’, a place where I would truly be able to show my worth. Despite only graduating a mere seven months ago, university seems like a faint glow in the distant past compared to working life. If you're reading this you may be at university yourself or maybe my words will resonate with your experience of post-uni life too… 

It's never how you expect it'll be, is it? But nevertheless it's a timein your life that you wouldn't trade in. There will be highs; finally getting the grade you want after a painstaking term studying with a lecturer who is a ridiculously harsh marker, or that feeling you get when you've secured a house near campus (less early starts – YES!). And there'll be lows too, like experiencing extreme paranoia after your student house got burgled. Or seeing your housemates at each other's necks after a big bust up, and being the mediator hoping for world peace at number 21! 

There’s something that uni unlocks inside, and for most it’s determination and drive. 

Blood, sweat, and tears *cliché alert* went into studying for my final year as I was resolvedto make my degree worth the £27k I’d invested. And if you're finding this second semester tough, all I can say is that you're investing in something far more than a degree, you're investing in you

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, and indeed it is, for making you realise the true value of undergrad life. Take time now to relish your friend living just around the corner instead of 250 miles north, and enjoy your lectures and the intellectual debates they spark. Embrace it for everything it is, and promise me you'll drink it all in (no pun intended)! 

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